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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Birds! March 24, 2010

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I have three completed projects to share with you. Yes, THREE!

While galavanting down the clearance aisle at AC Moore, I found a pretty sweet bird stencil and used it for two projects:

1. Bird Canvas

This is the largest of the Christmas Tree Shop Canvas Booty that I acquired way back in ’07. I saw this stencil and thought it would be perfect.

So, using the paints from my “Eat” sign and a prepurchased canvas, I made this.

It needs to be touched up in some areas, but otherwise, perfect!


Paints: Owned!

Canvas: Owned!

Brushes: Owned!

Stencil: $3.00

Total: $3.00

2. Coasters

I’d been dying to try this craftster tutorial for some time. It’s easy and I have always loved painting/decorating pottery. I made four of these coasters for a craftster swap I am in. Two are two shades of blue and two are two shades of green – but reversed. No two are alike…kinda.


Ceramic Tiles: $.16/each

Ceramic Markers: $4.38

Furniture Pads: $1.29

Total: $5.67

3. Pac Man Dishcloth! This is for the same craft swap. My partner is a video game nut so I thought her kitchen might like this. Very easy knit.

nom nom nom


Yarn: Owned!



Doggie! January 5, 2010

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New month, new craft swap! I have a bath and relaxation swap package due around the middle of February. I already have some items completed (soap, duh), but I am working on the knitted items now.

And here is one of them….

Doggie face cloth made with Sugars and Cream yarn. Completed in one afternoon.



Craftswap Love December 22, 2009

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Every now and then I receive something through a craft swap that is just so damn awesome and sexy that I need to share it with the rest of the world. This is one of those times. I run the risk of shooting myself in the foot here because there is nothing I could make that would surpass the gloriousness you are about to see.

Plus, this site has been pretty hurtin’ for content recently.


Yup. I’m a nerd. I love Mario and all things Mario related. These melted bead creations you are seeing are from Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 2, respectively.

Seriously though, how awesome is THAT!?!?