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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Birds! March 24, 2010

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I have three completed projects to share with you. Yes, THREE!

While galavanting down the clearance aisle at AC Moore, I found a pretty sweet bird stencil and used it for two projects:

1. Bird Canvas

This is the largest of the Christmas Tree Shop Canvas Booty that I acquired way back in ’07. I saw this stencil and thought it would be perfect.

So, using the paints from my “Eat” sign and a prepurchased canvas, I made this.

It needs to be touched up in some areas, but otherwise, perfect!


Paints: Owned!

Canvas: Owned!

Brushes: Owned!

Stencil: $3.00

Total: $3.00

2. Coasters

I’d been dying to try this craftster tutorial for some time. It’s easy and I have always loved painting/decorating pottery. I made four of these coasters for a craftster swap I am in. Two are two shades of blue and two are two shades of green – but reversed. No two are alike…kinda.


Ceramic Tiles: $.16/each

Ceramic Markers: $4.38

Furniture Pads: $1.29

Total: $5.67

3. Pac Man Dishcloth! This is for the same craft swap. My partner is a video game nut so I thought her kitchen might like this. Very easy knit.

nom nom nom


Yarn: Owned!



Power Through December 21, 2009

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This project has become less about getting rid of all my crafting supplies and more about finishing that Lace Ribbon Scarf. I continue to attack that thing…once a week. I know. It should be at least twice a week.

I’ve already picked out my next few projects. They’re all yarn related. That’s because what I have most of is yarn. Exciting stuff.

So, next TWO projects are for my next swap partner:

A Dog Facecloth

Mary Jane Slippers (which I will most likely at some point make for myself)

The next swap I am starting is a Bath and Beauty swap due in February. This will be a little something extra to throw in the package. She has two dogs and I don’t know a whole lot else about her.

Below you will find pics of stenciling in progress. It’s the best I have for now. I made this shirt for a craft swap and I heard that the recipients daughter really like it. So, here it is:

Ta-da! I cut that stencil out all by myself with an exacto knife. Still in love with freezer paper.

I also completed that cowl I was working on, but in my rush to make it to the post office, I forgot to take a picture. Hopefully the recipient will do that and I can share it with you all.


Since we last spoke… December 10, 2009

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I have been crafting. I swear. Here are three things I have going on:

1. T-Shirt Stenciling: I stenciled a fawn on to a t-shirt yesterday. Came out great. I hope to move on to more complicated stencils soon.

2.  I am going to start working on this hood/cowl for a craft swap

It’s super easy and a great first project if you’re learning how to knit in the round. I love cowls oh so much.

3. My dear old friend the Lace Ribbon Scarf has grown a few inches in the last week. It’s a weird pattern and a little complicated, but once I get started on it on the regular it becomes much easier to pick up randomly and do a few rows. I wound yarn for it the other night and realized that I absolutely can’t wait until I am done with it.

This years Bazaar Bizarre was disappointing. Everything seemed over priced and/or easy to make. I did pick up some awesome things though. Let’s review my purchases…

1. Three pairs of stud earrings that were made using polymer clay.

2. 4oz of orange/yellow/brown roving to spin into my own yarn

3. A tape measure with a crochet ladybug cover.

I can’t wait to learn how to spin my own yarn. It’s scary! 

Tonight, Erin, Angelina, myself and others will be going to Bead and Purl in Newton to do a wireworking class. Full report tomorrow!*



Sunday Morning Stenciling or How I Learned to Love Freezer Paper November 16, 2009

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Up until Sunday, I had a love/hate relationship with t-shirt stenciling. I picked stencils that were just shapes and used regular paper as my stencil. Terrible idea.

The best resource out there for stencils is Not only do they have a pluthera of stencils of everything imaginable (including Bob Saget), but they also have tutorials and how-to’s. All these tutorials recommend using freezer paper.

I’m such a minimalist when it comes to crafting. I try to do as much as possible with as little as possible. I never imagined that I would have a use for freezer paper, but upon purchasing it, I’ve found a multitude of uses: stencils, covering soaps in their molds, putting paint on it. Okay, maybe three. Still, that’s more than without it.

For the first freezer paper stencil, I picked one I thought to be relatively easy. These tiny little army men. Looks like a piece of cake, right? Well those little triangles between their legs are a separate piece that need to stay in place. Luckily, my plastic coated freezer paper made this dream a reality.

To start:

1. Place freezer paper over the regular paper print out of what you plan to stencil. Some people actually print it out on freezer paper. I’m too scared.

2. Take an exacto knife (its what I normally use) to cut out your stencil PLASTIC side down. Do not to this on your vinyl table cloth like I did. You will cut it. (If you do this, simply turn the tablecloth around so that it is covered by a bowl or box of wheat thins.)

3. Lay out your pre-washed t-shirt. Lay out stencil on top where you want it and iron the pieces into place.

4. Take your fabric paint and foam brush and apply the paint.

5. Let sit until dry. Peel off stencil. Touch up. Iron design to set paint. Wash.

The toughest part is cutting out the stencil. Since I have no patience, it’s almost maddening. I’m happy with the way that this one turned out and I am looking forward to doing more stenciling….away from my tablecloth.