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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Tell you the truth I’ve said before – Tomorrow I’ll start in a new direction May 28, 2010

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I’ve been doing some crafty soul searching these past few days. This blog is slowly switching over to being about knitting. Other projects that I have been picking are things that take an afternoon or a short amount of time to make. I’ve never liked spending a huge amount of my time on one thing – I prefer instant gratification.

Knitting teaches me patience. I have to pay close attention to what I am doing and go slow to avoid making mistakes. It also offers me a chance to grow creatively. I’m still working on scarves and dishcloths¬†– the patterns are getting more and more difficult or keeping me right at the level I want to be at. Eventually I will move (back) on to socks and cables, but I have plenty of projects lined up to keep my occupied for a long, LONG time.

I’ve already decided my next 5 projects and I have a knitting craft swap coming up. I’ll be knitting and someone will be crocheting. I have a few projects for friends and some for myself. I plan to get these done on Saturdays when I am at work. I have tons of down time and I couldnt think of a better way to spend it.

Saturday will be spent restarting hackeysacks for the roommate and then moving on to Rachel’s hat. I might take a break with some Lace Ribbon Scarf action. Following Rachel’s hat I am making the same one for myself, a cowl for Kamille, a scarf for Micheline, and another cowl and felted bag for me.

There is also a fairly complicated lace pattern for a scarf that makes me a little hot everytime I look at it. By the time I complete these projects, I should be ready for it.

And I am not buying anymore yarn. I need to use what I have. Seriously. Should be fun and challening.


Welcome! October 13, 2009

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A few years ago I became absolutely obsessed with crafting. This extended from knitting to scrapbooking, jewelry making to sewing, and everything in between. Over that time I have collected boxes upon boxes of crafting items and accessories. I am eager to start using them all.

Over the past year or so I have lost my crafting mojo. I no longer have the desire to run home and knit a dishcloth. All of these fabulous supplies are just going to waste.

Therefore I have taken on a courageous project. Every Tuesday night I will sift through my craft boxes and dig out projects that I have stalled on or projects that can come together based on items I already have. I am going to do my best not to spend any money on notions, but if need be, then I will. Projects that could take longer than a night to complete will be documented as they come together.

I also hope to include my friends on this blog and arrange craft nights. I’m open to suggestions of¬†what to make and new crafts to try. Feedback is very much appreciated!

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy making everything.