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Produce Bags: DONE! May 6, 2010

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These bags are DONE. Not difficult, but time consuming. Took a month to do all six.

Smaller ones were done with one yarn over (YO) and larger ones were done with two YOs.


Still on the Produce Bags May 2, 2010

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Done.  I would love to be completely done with these bags. I’ve been knitting them since the beginning of April. They’re just small enough that they can’t be knit on circular needles and need to be done on super obnoxious double pointed needles. It’s not a difficult pattern at all, it’s just knitting them on double pointed needles makes them really annoying. I’ve finished five of my six. Some are smaller depending on how sick of looking at that particular color I got. This whole project was started to get my crafting mojo back and I feel like it’s now slowly disappearing again. I’m halfway done with this last one and I can honestly say that I will not be making any more of this things for a long time.

However, I did get some pretty fantastic items in return. A screen printed Nintendo Logo shirt, a case for my DS that will hold 8 games, and a needle case for my DPNs. Holla.

I have bigger and better projects planned and I am very excited to start them. Trust me, internet, exciting times with yarn are ahead.

Every year I look forward to the Granite State Knit In because it’s a chance to take workshops for super cheap. I’m really not impressed with anything offered this time, but maybe I should go just because.  Who knows, maybe I will learn something that I never knew I wanted to learn.

Now that the weather is warmer and I love skirts, I am tempted to bust out the old sewing machine. This could be the start of something wonderful.  Of course, I will keep you posted.

And thats the general update for today. I will post pics of bags tomorrow. Becuase they will be done. And soon so will the Lace Ribbon Scarf.