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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Knitting, Jewelry, and more knitting January 12, 2011

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The end of 2010 saw the completion of three projects: a hat, a necklace, and a scarf. Let’s work backwards.

My roommate Joe’s mom saw the scarf I made for him and requested a lady version of her own. I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in Portland Wine. It’s a beautiful bright eggplant color. I knitted the scarf the same way as Joe’s – so they can be twins.

This necklace I made on New Years Day while watching The Larry Sanders Show marathon on IFC (one of the best shows ever). I was antsy and needed something to do with my hands so I rummaged through my bead box and came across these fake wood pieces I had bought at Michaels for $1.99 forever ago. After consulting with Joe, it was decided that I would use all the pieces to make a pretty draping necklace of fake green wood. Love it!

Lastly is a knitting project that I have had in my ravelry queue for almost a year. It’s called the “Robin’s Egg Blue Hat”, but I call it “Pretty Button hat” because it is not blue (minus that hot button!). It is a very easy pattern involving only knitting, purling, and simple decreases. Its knit from the top up which makes it easier to switch to double pointed needles at the end.

Mine came out a little big with the brim left down, so I folded it up and now its a tad small. I have a weird head. I’m going to play around with it because I absolutely love the colors and style. I knit it using Malabrigo (my favorite!)


Sorry for the insanely large picture. It’s either coming out teeny tiny or super huge. I swear I’m like an 80 year old trying to use a computer sometimes.


Aside from the numerous personal New Years Resolutions that I have, I’ve made crafting ones as well. I want to become more involved in the crafting community, learn cables and intarsia, take more care in my projects and not be so hasty. Mostly I want to start to be creatively creative. For a musician its the difference between writing your own music and having the ability to perform others. I want to write my own music with yarn, beads, and fabric.

2011 is my year!


Buzz May 21, 2010

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Two days ago I had an idea for this necklace. I can’t say where the inspiration came from, but I knew I was trying to come up with something a little different.

I’ve always done things rather quickly. I don’t like projects that drag on and if I want a newvnecklace, I want it now. I didn’t even use tools for this. I just bended the two jump rings to hold everything together and shut them. It honestly took about 45 seconds. Picking out the bee was the longest part of the creative process.

I had a bunch of the giant circles from taking apart a chain. I just needed to find a charm large enough to pass through the circle, but heavy enough to anchor the necklace. Unfortunately the amount of chain that I had at home was just barely enough for my wrestler size neck. I’ll have to get some more chain so that this necklace isn’t constantly busting, but I like the way it came out.

Materials on Hand: Everything but the bee

Bee: $2.99 with some other charms.

Total: $2.99


Ten Minute Bling Bling February 28, 2010

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February has come to a close. I am moved out of my old apartment and moved in to a new one. The last 27 days I have had something I needed to do – either work or moving – and have had very little time to myself.

Tonight, I decided to go through my jewelry and challenge myself to make a necklace in ten minutes based on items I already had. The result:

I’m a fan. I’ve wanted to have a lower hanging necklace for a while and it’s just shiny enough. I might have to move the stars around so that the wrapping around them looks the same on each one.

I also decided to make two pairs of earrings using left over beads. I love super low hanging earrings. The bead one is my favorite of the two.

These side by side images are not flattering to my face. Oh, well.

I’ve been inspired by a co-worker to make a clunky low hanging necklace full of odds and ends. I have plenty of that stuff laying around. I think I’ll get started now!

Total Cost for Project: $0

Items purchased: None

Items already obtained: All


I did it in one night: T-Shirt Scarf October 19, 2009

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This came out so good!! And if I knew it was this easy I would not have paid $15 for one on etsy. However, the one I purchased has polka dots and it’s incredibly difficult to find a seamless shirt with a constant decoration.

I saw the tutorial on ‘s amazing “Wear it this weekend” page. And since the entire cost of materials (shirt) was under $5, it fell within my rules. It’s cheating a little, I know.

The tutorial explains how to make this project, so I won’t go into great detail. It’s just cutting, pulling, and looping. I hate measuring – always have – and thats what makes this a great project for me. I can just eyeball what an inch is and go to town. Since the fabric is then pulled so that it rolls, it is impossible to mess this up. Also, since the necklace is layered when you wear it, it doesn’t matter if some parts are skinnier than others. It’s hardly noticeable, but if it is, it just looks like you added some texture.

The difficult part for me was the looping. I didn’t expect to have as much fabric as I did. It also took my brain a little while to get the whole  “oh cross the fabric and THEN loop it” part down.

The tutorial shows two different styles. One done with a seamless tee (which gives you one constant strip of fabric) and another with seams (you would need to tie the strips together). I did the seamless one, but I do like the way the strips one works too.

SUCH a great craft night project!!!