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French Market Bag – I’ve Made a Huge Mistake December 1, 2010

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Now that my homegirl, Lace Ribbon Scarf, is complete (post soon), I’m finally getting to the top of my ravelry queue. This knitty pattern has been at the top of my queue for over a year now. I’ve daydreamed of the day that I can peruse the farmers markets, french market bag hanging gingerly off my arm, and filled with tomatoes, cheese, and a loaf of french bread.

I chose Cascade 220 100% wool for this project because I needed a yarn that would felt up nicely. I also used this yarn for my felted bowls and I loved the way that they came out. The yarn doesn’t pill when it’s felted and it maintains a really nice shape for a worsted weight wool yarn. The only problem I ran into was my finger tips turned blue from the dye on the yarn.

While I was knitting this bag I was a bit surprised at how small it was turning out to be. Since math and I don’t really get each other, I didn’t know that the dimensions listed meant “smaller than you think, Dana.”

After knitting/felting I realized that I should’ve made this bag deeper. I had a whole other skein of this yarn I could’ve used, but now that it’s felted, there is no turning back. 

Before felting…

looks like a sports bra

Details on the increases

So, after felting I ended up with this collapsed, weird star looking thing that cannot be used as a bag. I didn’t even bother to take a good picture of it this morning.

I’m bummed.  I loved this bag and the pattern is great. Will I attempt to make another? I don’t know…I’d need to buy another skein of this yarn.

What did I learn? I learned to go with my instincts in this crafting adventure. If it doesn’t look like chances are, it’s not right. I can read and understand patterns and charts better. I should’ve made this bag deeper and that would’ve been very easy to do.

I will say that despite my problems, this pattern is yet another awesome pattern from Every pattern that I have used has been creative and accurate. The directions and charts are always thorough and clear. I highly recommend using any of their patterns.

Note: I’m very excited about my next project. It involves mustaches. I’ve said too much.