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Fabric Covered Buttons December 15, 2010

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For the first time ever One Button at a Time actually has a post about buttons!  This is the first time I have branched away from fiber and household items in a long time.

Someone asked me where my inspiration for projects comes from. I wouldn’t label it as inspiration, but rather I see things I like and I figure out how to make them for myself. Recently, I watched a craftster tutorial on fabric covered buttons and decided that it looked so simple, I could do it and not destroy it.

I went online to the i craft for less website and picked up an assembly tool for a measly $2. I bought the button pieces to match and bobby pins that have a place for me to glue the button to. I used some scrap fabric that I had in the attic for my demo button.

I gathered up everything I needed which was only the fabric, tool, and button pieces. I expected to try and fail at this a million times before I made one that came out perfectly. Watching the craftster tutorial is better than my explanation, but I am going to do my best.

Cut out a piece of fabric about 1/2″ bigger in diameter than the size of the button you are covering.

Put the fabric in the tool facing out.

Press the button piece in the tool.

Push the excess fabric down behind the button piece.

Put the other half of the metal button on top of the fabric. Make sure all the fabric is tucked in.

Press the other half of the tool against the back of the button


The first time I tried it, my button came out perfectly. It is absolutely beautiful!

I put it on a bobbie pin, but I plan on getting different sizes for the buttons to use to make earrings, rings, bobbie pins, and regular pins.