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See me on the street? Ask for some soap October 16, 2009

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A few years ago, at the height of my crafting, I started to sign myself up for craft swaps through Craftster. “What’s craftster, you may ask?” Well, brace yourself, IT IS THE GREATEST CRAFTING WEBSITE EVER. Not only are their pages upon pages upon pages of ideas spanning various crafting disciplines, but a section of their website is dedicated solely to craft swaps. Over a two year span I participated in such themed craft swaps as Owls, Flight of the Conchords, Nickelodeon tv shows (my Roundhouse apron is fantastic), and Roller Derby. I was looking for quick and cheap items that I could make as extras in these swaps and that is when I stumbled upon melt and pour soap making.

And it really is that simple. You buy a huge block of glycerine, melt it in your microwave, add some colors/scents/powders, and pour it in to a mold. It is honestly that simple. It is also very addictive. I found myself, in about two hours, with 20 bars of soap that I had no idea what to do with. I tried to sell them at my yard sale at 2/$1, but no one bit. I can’t really blame them. I wouldn’t want to buy lose hand soap from some stranger sitting on their front steps either. But I would take it if someone were giving it away for free.

And hey! Thats exactly what I am doing!

Over the next few weeks (possibly months – who knows how long it takes to unload this stuff?) if you see me, ask me for some soap. I’ll be carrying a few bars in my bag at a time. And it’s totally free. What better way to fight off the flu!*

*I cannot actually guarantee that you will not get the flu, but you should seriously get a flu shot.