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The Best Thing I Have Ever Made June 21, 2010

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When I pick my projects, I tend to pick things that don’t take much time to complete. I’m an instant gratification sort of gal. One of the reasons why I put off making Rachel’s hat for so long is because it seemed difficult. I picked the Foliage pattern from an issue of Knitty (my favorite online pattern resource). I loved the texture that it created and I’ve never played with texture before in my knitting.

I used less than a skein of Malabrigo (best EVER) that I had laying around. I’m not sure why, but I always picture Rachel in green. Or maybe she told me that she wanted green when she asked me to make it for her 12 years ago. Who knows for sure?

Happy Rachel! This hat was the most complicated thing I have ever made. I absolutely love the way that it came out. I took my time with it, I ripped out rows that need ripping. For the first time, I knitted a hat from the top down. I’m happy with it and I hope she is too.