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Ten Minute Bling Bling February 28, 2010

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February has come to a close. I am moved out of my old apartment and moved in to a new one. The last 27 days I have had something I needed to do – either work or moving – and have had very little time to myself.

Tonight, I decided to go through my jewelry and challenge myself to make a necklace in ten minutes based on items I already had. The result:

I’m a fan. I’ve wanted to have a lower hanging necklace for a while and it’s just shiny enough. I might have to move the stars around so that the wrapping around them looks the same on each one.

I also decided to make two pairs of earrings using left over beads. I love super low hanging earrings. The bead one is my favorite of the two.

These side by side images are not flattering to my face. Oh, well.

I’ve been inspired by a co-worker to make a clunky low hanging necklace full of odds and ends. I have plenty of that stuff laying around. I think I’ll get started now!

Total Cost for Project: $0

Items purchased: None

Items already obtained: All