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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Art! January 28, 2010

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I can’t paint. I can’t draw.

My last roommate was an Art Therapy Grad student at Tufts. Knowing that I am creative, she asked me to be videotaped drawing “whatever I felt like” on a poster board for her class. I reluctantly agreed since I don’t like drawing, videotaping, or grad students who want to videotape me drawing.

The result was embarrassing. There was a cartoonish turtle. I drew grass as a thick green line. And I also drew one of those suns that sits in the corner and has big fat lines for rays. This was also done in marker. Yup, I’m creative. I swear.

The times that I have done “art” for craft swaps I’ve actually done a stencil and taped it to the canvas. My favorite piece I’ve ever done is a painting of Boston Common that I mod podged some romance cover cut outs over. I call it “The Lone Prospector Keeps a Watchful Eye.”

My favorite craft magazine, Adorn, ended it’s run a year or so ago. It was full of projects and products that were useful and completely awesome. I have managed to snag a few random copies over the years here and there. (Note: I’d love copies if anyone has ANY)

One of the best projects featured is Domino Art. It’s easy. Here is what you do:

1. Buy a shitload of dominoes. I bought about seven sets of light plastic ones on eBay for around $7 including shipping. (I didn’t realize they were plastic when I bought them and that they would not be cut evenly. So it looks a little wonky if you look at it closely)

2. Get a large piece of wood to serve as your canvas. I actually have a bunch of lightweight cavases I bought at Christmas Tree Shop a while ago for about $1-$2 each. Since I am using plastic dominoes, it’s okay to use the canvas for this project.

3. Purchase some heavy duty glue. I just bought regular craft glue. It met the need.

4. Lay out the dominoes in the pattern you want and glue ’em down!

5. Paint the edge of the canvas/wood to match the color of the dominoes you chose to use.


It gets far more complicated if you want to use real domino tiles because the project will be very, very heavy. Since I don’t own a drill I didn’t really feel like making this option. Plus, the point of this is whole blog is to use stuff that I already have and those cavases are just sitting around taunting me.

 I love the way it came out, but the project was time consuming and rather boring. There is really no way to liven it up, but I recommend not watching episodes of Rescue Me while you’re trying to do it.