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Do you want a dishcloth? October 15, 2009

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While doing inventory last night I realized that I have an enormous amount of Sugars and Cream yarn which is used, primarily, for dishcloths. ( had it for .20 cents one day). I’ve made my fair share of dishcloths in my day and am sick to death of them, but this isn’t about me; it’s about my huge load of Sugar’s and Cream. And I refuse to fall victim to tiny balls of yarn.

There are a pluthera of free dishcloth patterns on ravelry. Some feature simple designs while others are cartoon characters, symbols, animals or scenery.

If you have a ravelry account or found a free pattern online that you like, post it here and give me your color choices. If you can’t find a pattern, give me an idea of what you might like to receive and I will do my best. The first five people that do this will get a dishcloth from yours truly over the course of this project. (Let’s face it five weeks of dishcloths would torture all of us).

The first dishcloth will be made during the second week of this project.