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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Sugar! March 5, 2010

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My new apartment is a total lifestyle change for me. Instead of living with one girl or a gay boy, I am now living with three very heterosexual males. I like them all (to varying degrees), but random things about my everyday life have changed. When I get out of the shower, I put my clothes on in the bathroom. Why? I am afraid of showing off my hairy legs and big arms. I never go bra-less because…I don’t even need to explain that one, but I forgot that my crafting would be looked at as strange. Even more strangely than one of my roommates World of Warcraft obsessions.

Last night, I am sitting in the living room mixing my latest bath product for a very late craft swap when one of my roommates comes home. At first discussion, this roommate has a strong aversion to bath and beauty products, but after some probing, he owned up to using his moms skin products when he visits her.

“Are you making some girl thing?”


“Comfort food?”

“No, it’s brown sugar and olive oil”

And with what he asks for a taste.

“Tastes just like really unprocessed sugar”

“It goes on your skin”

He had walked away by this point, grumbling something about how he understands me less and less everyday.

So, how did this product come out? Well, I’m a little frightened because it seems as though almond oil and brown sugar mix better. I’m not entirely sure why. Either way the sugar is going to absorb the oil a little bit – does it matter what type it is? I mixed up a small container of this, added about 20 drops of marjoram essential oil and viola! Instant beauty product.


Brown sugar: $1.49

Olive Oil: $3.99

Marjam essential oil: Owned!

Contained: Stolen from a roommate

Total cost: $5.58 (plus applicable taxes)


Fancy Powder January 15, 2010

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This project I decided to do on a whim. My time is limited these days, but I love participating in the craft swaps because I like getting things more than I like making things. Don’t we all? Don’t lie.

I’d been having trouble picking projects because of my time constraints. There are people on there that are requesting a knit komono sweater or a quilt. Since we only have two weeks to complete these projects, I doubt these people will ever get them.

While perusing the list yesterday I was eager to claim someone. I can’t get stuff until I offer to make stuff. That’s when I stumbled upon a beauty craft that I had yet try: Dusting Powder.

I’ll be honest now, I took the easy way out. The recipes I found mentioned all these expensive powders I needed to combine with other powders to make a super powder. I decided to purchase a large container of Baby Powder at Target for $1.72 (roughly) and add some essential oils that I had obtained in the last round of the on going wish swap. Full circle!

Cornstarch also works well and there are baby powders you can get that are made up completely or mostly of cornstarch. But those are a whopping $4.68 (roughly).

I’m going to write out the process even though it’s so easy you might think I am being insulting.

Supplies: Baby Powder, Essential Oils, Plastic zip lock bag.

1. Pour baby powder into bag.

2. Add drops of essential oil. Since I used baby powder I added a little more than the recipes called for to make sure that the oil was the dominant scent.

3. Shake bag. Let sit for a week.

I found it easier to pour about 1/3 of the powder in to the bag. Add the oil. Pour another 1/3 in. Add the oil.

A version of this “recipe” that I do want to try is combining rose petals and baby powder into a blender. It just sounds fun.

Does this even really count as a craft project? I don’t have a picture to post as it would be a plastic bag with white powder in it. I don’t want to create any unnecessary  problems for myself.