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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

I Did It In One Night: Bath Salts! October 20, 2009

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Tonight was going to be all about these marvelous oil cloth reusable lunch bags and pouches I was going to make. I had all my stuff cut and ready to go until I hit a snafu: oil cloth is ridiculously difficult to sew. So after a few choice curse words, I put that project aside (i.e. threw my nice cut sheets across the room) and went searching for something else to make.

After work today I went to AC Moore to pick up some yarn for a Christmas gift I am going to make that requires a metric ton of yarn as well as time. Thankfully, AC now has a rewards card and I occasionally get a 50% coupon to use on an item my next purchase. I should’ve bought the yarn, but I didn’t. Instead I bought a package of scents. Normally $20 and marked down to $10. The reason for this splurge is that I will use it when I take my soap making (real soap – not melt and pour soap) class next month. The yarn is relatively inexpensive because I need over 1000 yards and what it is going to be made into will require multiple machine washes. That being said, I decided to make some bath salts.

The only person that doesn’t know me in real life to have commented on this is creativityismessy. She also has a kick ass blog about crafting which I am finding to be inspirational. Afterall, I did make bath salts tonight at her suggestion.

One of my previous roommates, Josh (Hi Josh!), attempted to make beauty products and bath bombs for Christmas one year. I think he gave up on the bath bombs because they didn’t mesh together. That meant that I just happened to have sea salt on hand. At creativityismessy’s insistence, I simply googled “Bath salt recipe” and was brought to this web site where I found this recipe. I just used the measurements for the sea salt and baking powder, added waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much melon scent, and added some green coloring (both food coloring and some kind Michael’s was selling – I suspect that they’re pretty similar). It’s sitting right now, but in two hours I am going to have some fantastic bath salts.


And I made another t-shirt scarf tonight. It’s a little weird around my neck, so I may end up giving it away. Don’t claim it yet though, I am weirdly territorial about my projects.

While this was great and quick, I am still left feeling the urge to be creative.