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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Birds! March 24, 2010

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I have three completed projects to share with you. Yes, THREE!

While galavanting down the clearance aisle at AC Moore, I found a pretty sweet bird stencil and used it for two projects:

1. Bird Canvas

This is the largest of the Christmas Tree Shop Canvas Booty that I acquired way back in ’07. I saw this stencil and thought it would be perfect.

So, using the paints from my “Eat” sign and a prepurchased canvas, I made this.

It needs to be touched up in some areas, but otherwise, perfect!


Paints: Owned!

Canvas: Owned!

Brushes: Owned!

Stencil: $3.00

Total: $3.00

2. Coasters

I’d been dying to try this craftster tutorial for some time. It’s easy and I have always loved painting/decorating pottery. I made four of these coasters for a craftster swap I am in. Two are two shades of blue and two are two shades of green – but reversed. No two are alike…kinda.


Ceramic Tiles: $.16/each

Ceramic Markers: $4.38

Furniture Pads: $1.29

Total: $5.67

3. Pac Man Dishcloth! This is for the same craft swap. My partner is a video game nut so I thought her kitchen might like this. Very easy knit.

nom nom nom


Yarn: Owned!



Art! January 28, 2010

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I can’t paint. I can’t draw.

My last roommate was an Art Therapy Grad student at Tufts. Knowing that I am creative, she asked me to be videotaped drawing “whatever I felt like” on a poster board for her class. I reluctantly agreed since I don’t like drawing, videotaping, or grad students who want to videotape me drawing.

The result was embarrassing. There was a cartoonish turtle. I drew grass as a thick green line. And I also drew one of those suns that sits in the corner and has big fat lines for rays. This was also done in marker. Yup, I’m creative. I swear.

The times that I have done “art” for craft swaps I’ve actually done a stencil and taped it to the canvas. My favorite piece I’ve ever done is a painting of Boston Common that I mod podged some romance cover cut outs over. I call it “The Lone Prospector Keeps a Watchful Eye.”

My favorite craft magazine, Adorn, ended it’s run a year or so ago. It was full of projects and products that were useful and completely awesome. I have managed to snag a few random copies over the years here and there. (Note: I’d love copies if anyone has ANY)

One of the best projects featured is Domino Art. It’s easy. Here is what you do:

1. Buy a shitload of dominoes. I bought about seven sets of light plastic ones on eBay for around $7 including shipping. (I didn’t realize they were plastic when I bought them and that they would not be cut evenly. So it looks a little wonky if you look at it closely)

2. Get a large piece of wood to serve as your canvas. I actually have a bunch of lightweight cavases I bought at Christmas Tree Shop a while ago for about $1-$2 each. Since I am using plastic dominoes, it’s okay to use the canvas for this project.

3. Purchase some heavy duty glue. I just bought regular craft glue. It met the need.

4. Lay out the dominoes in the pattern you want and glue ’em down!

5. Paint the edge of the canvas/wood to match the color of the dominoes you chose to use.


It gets far more complicated if you want to use real domino tiles because the project will be very, very heavy. Since I don’t own a drill I didn’t really feel like making this option. Plus, the point of this is whole blog is to use stuff that I already have and those cavases are just sitting around taunting me.

 I love the way it came out, but the project was time consuming and rather boring. There is really no way to liven it up, but I recommend not watching episodes of Rescue Me while you’re trying to do it.



Fancier Powder January 16, 2010

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I wanted to try a different method of making scented dusting powder. In lieu of essential oils, I thought about rose petals or potpurri.

Unfortunately it was impossible to find potpurri anywhere. I came home defeated and found my dying basil plant.

Powder and basil in blender and five minutes later: viola! The little green speckles add some texture and color. Lovely.


Craftswap Love December 22, 2009

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Every now and then I receive something through a craft swap that is just so damn awesome and sexy that I need to share it with the rest of the world. This is one of those times. I run the risk of shooting myself in the foot here because there is nothing I could make that would surpass the gloriousness you are about to see.

Plus, this site has been pretty hurtin’ for content recently.


Yup. I’m a nerd. I love Mario and all things Mario related. These melted bead creations you are seeing are from Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 2, respectively.

Seriously though, how awesome is THAT!?!?


CRAFT NIGHT #1 November 12, 2009

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On Tuesday a group of very fabulous ladies, that I am lucky enough to be able to call my friends, gathered at my apartment for the first, of what I hope will be many, pot luck craft nights. (Attendees: No worries. It won’t always be pot luck).

After eating copious amounts of everything delicious, we hunkered down for some knittin’. Erin and Kerin are working on scarves, Holly is knitting a boot/sock/slipper that she hope will match the other, and Ashia started her handlebar mustache. Kaitlynn read her food magazines and Rachel cheered us on.

I forget exactly how it came up. It could’ve been the sight of a record bowl or the fact that we were listening to records, but Rachel requested a record bowl.


Note: Not mine.

This is a fun and really quick craft project. If you’re not careful like me, you will burn your finger prints off. My old roommate Josh taught me how to make these. He melted everything.

1. Go to Goodwill and buy a record to use (Not Prince’s Purple Rain. I’d give anything to have that on vinyl). These are usually about 99 cents. Buy a few. It can be addictive.

2. Pick out a saucepan that is the size you want for the inside of your record bowl. The record is going to melt around the pan, so make sure it is smaller. I also find it helpful to use a pan with a handle because it is easier to remove from the oven. Also, make sure the side of the record that you want to be the inside of the bowl is facing DOWN.

3. Set your oven anywhere from 200-225 degrees. Insert record on sauce pan. Patiently wait anywhere from 1-3 minutes.

4. Take pan out – wear your oven mitts – and slowly peel the record off of the pan. It will flop around and look like it is falling apart. Just hold the record together in the position that you want it for about 15-30 seconds. Records harden up VERY quickly.

If you’re not happy with the way it came out or you want it to look a little different, stick it back in the oven.

This is a great beginning craft activity and great for craft nights due to it’s low cost.

I hope that everyone that came had fun and comes to the next one – which will hopefully be sometime in early December.

Did I take pictures? Of course not. Next time, I promise. If there is anything this blog needs it’s more photos. And more craft projects. Which reminds me, I have completed some things, I just haven’t had the time to take pictures and post. I’ll be doing that later this evening.


I’m Soap Inspired November 4, 2009

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My apologies for no new project last week. I got sidelined with a nasty cold that is still having issues checking out of my system. The rest of the week was just too busy to actually do a project.

Last night I ran around picking up little things that I needed for projects that I have. I had ambitions of completing three projects last night, but the arrival of Season Six, Disk One of The L Word kept me from my work. Oh, and I forgot to buy an exacto knife. Yeah, that was the big part of it.

I did make more soap. Soap that I am very excited about. I picked up some white shea butter soap, poppy seeds, and lemon(grass) essential oil and voila! I made this soap recipe that I went looking for when Rebecca mentioned that any Lemon Poppy Seed product would be awesome due to the exfoliating the poppy seeds would do.

We’ll see how well it really works. I tried to add a layer of poppy seeds to the bottom of the soap for extra exfoliating power, but that didn’t work too well. I’m hoping that the cold process soap making class I am taking Saturday gives me some tips!

I also added some yellow coloring to my batch. I think it’s pretty.

(And since I forgot that exacto knife, there will be a bonus post later this week)


I Did It In One Night: Bath Salts! October 20, 2009

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Tonight was going to be all about these marvelous oil cloth reusable lunch bags and pouches I was going to make. I had all my stuff cut and ready to go until I hit a snafu: oil cloth is ridiculously difficult to sew. So after a few choice curse words, I put that project aside (i.e. threw my nice cut sheets across the room) and went searching for something else to make.

After work today I went to AC Moore to pick up some yarn for a Christmas gift I am going to make that requires a metric ton of yarn as well as time. Thankfully, AC now has a rewards card and I occasionally get a 50% coupon to use on an item my next purchase. I should’ve bought the yarn, but I didn’t. Instead I bought a package of scents. Normally $20 and marked down to $10. The reason for this splurge is that I will use it when I take my soap making (real soap – not melt and pour soap) class next month. The yarn is relatively inexpensive because I need over 1000 yards and what it is going to be made into will require multiple machine washes. That being said, I decided to make some bath salts.

The only person that doesn’t know me in real life to have commented on this is creativityismessy. She also has a kick ass blog about crafting which I am finding to be inspirational. Afterall, I did make bath salts tonight at her suggestion.

One of my previous roommates, Josh (Hi Josh!), attempted to make beauty products and bath bombs for Christmas one year. I think he gave up on the bath bombs because they didn’t mesh together. That meant that I just happened to have sea salt on hand. At creativityismessy’s insistence, I simply googled “Bath salt recipe” and was brought to this web site where I found this recipe. I just used the measurements for the sea salt and baking powder, added waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much melon scent, and added some green coloring (both food coloring and some kind Michael’s was selling – I suspect that they’re pretty similar). It’s sitting right now, but in two hours I am going to have some fantastic bath salts.


And I made another t-shirt scarf tonight. It’s a little weird around my neck, so I may end up giving it away. Don’t claim it yet though, I am weirdly territorial about my projects.

While this was great and quick, I am still left feeling the urge to be creative.