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FINISH HIM! October 31, 2009

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I started knitting in the winter of 2006. My friend Ruby and I signed up for classes. Until then, my life revolved around another hobby: improv comedy. When the theatre dispanded and our groups run ended, I was bored. And that’s how it started. Awesome story.

Class was difficult and intimidating. It took place during a Stitch and Bitch so all these women had these complicated and amazing projects and we still hadn’t even mastered casting on.

Three years (!!) later and I still know mostly basic stuff. I can k1, p1, k2tog, yo, sl1, m1, ssk – add any number you like after the letter. It’s just more of the same.

My most daunting project has been the Lace Ribbon Scarf. A seemingly non threatening project in appearance, but a project, that I believe, is impossible to complete.

I started it in Spring 2008. I took it on a trip to Ft. Myers, Florida with my family. I worked on it at a stitch and bitch at Spark Craft in Cambridge. I had it with me at my parents house when I was laid up with ankle drama and I knit one row. And that was the last time I picked it up.

If I complete one project during the course of this, er, project, please let it be this scarf. I’m about to pick it up today for the first time since April.

Oh yeah, and I want to learn cables.


Edit: It’s now 9:23pm, I had picked it up in the early afternoon to discover that I have lost one of my knitting needles.


First Epic Fail October 15, 2009

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Remember about less than 12 hours ago I said “Hey world, I have all this yarn for dishcloths, whatcha want?” Well, what I should’ve said was “Hey world, apparently I have a ball of lilac laying around” And as such we have reached our first snafu of the project.

Therefore, the rules have changed…slightly. I will be purchasing colors for the dishcloths of the three that have requested dishcloths: Maitland, Michelle, and Josh. It’s not really a biggie since this yarn costs about $1.25 per ball, but it defeats the purpose of the project. Nevertheless a promise is a promise. And I should warn that these dishcloths come out more like facecloths so don’t be disappointed by the tiny squares! I hope you’ll love them.

This shows me just how much I need to be prepared to take on such a project. I can almost guarantee you I will find this yarn floating around somewhere later on.

Look for a post tomorrow about more freebies. Legitimately. I swear.




Getting It Together October 13, 2009

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It’s Tuesday, I know. I probably should’ve whipped something up tonight, but I came home and realized that my crafting station was in total disaray. I was supposed to move out of the country a month ago and had started to pack everything up. When the time came for me to sit down tonight I had no room to spread out my supplies and had no idea where my supplies actually were. So, I guess the first step in this process is getting organized.

I could start a dishcloth tonight, but I think I will pass and begin this little adventure next week. I know what I want to be working on next week as well as the week after. I am still open to suggestions and always will be. I want this blog to be as interesting as possible and I want to challenge myself to try new things.

Since I have plenty of yarn I want to learn to crochet. I have the needles thanks to a fat bag of knitting/crochet needles my friend Josh picked up a few years ago for me at a thrift store. I’d love an easy first project. Free patterns are even better. Feel free to recommend one to me through this blog or over on ravelry. My username there is thatswhatshesaid. Obviously.

But just to give you a taste of what is to come, I am going to post a project I made about a year ago. I made this cowl as part of a craft swap and fell in love. I am actually going to be making it for myself, but it’s a project I can do while at work on a Saturday and since I made it before, I don’t think it should count for this blog. Also, I had to buy the yarn. Terrible, I know!

I don’t have great pictures, but it’s just a little something to tide you over until the real thing next week.


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A few years ago I became absolutely obsessed with crafting. This extended from knitting to scrapbooking, jewelry making to sewing, and everything in between. Over that time I have collected boxes upon boxes of crafting items and accessories. I am eager to start using them all.

Over the past year or so I have lost my crafting mojo. I no longer have the desire to run home and knit a dishcloth. All of these fabulous supplies are just going to waste.

Therefore I have taken on a courageous project. Every Tuesday night I will sift through my craft boxes and dig out projects that I have stalled on or projects that can come together based on items I already have. I am going to do my best not to spend any money on notions, but if need be, then I will. Projects that could take longer than a night to complete will be documented as they come together.

I also hope to include my friends on this blog and arrange craft nights. I’m open to suggestions of what to make and new crafts to try. Feedback is very much appreciated!

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy making everything.