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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

I did it in one night: T-Shirt Scarf October 19, 2009

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This came out so good!! And if I knew it was this easy I would not have paid $15 for one on etsy. However, the one I purchased has polka dots and it’s incredibly difficult to find a seamless shirt with a constant decoration.

I saw the tutorial on ‘s amazing “Wear it this weekend” page. And since the entire cost of materials (shirt) was under $5, it fell within my rules. It’s cheating a little, I know.

The tutorial explains how to make this project, so I won’t go into great detail. It’s just cutting, pulling, and looping. I hate measuring – always have – and thats what makes this a great project for me. I can just eyeball what an inch is and go to town. Since the fabric is then pulled so that it rolls, it is impossible to mess this up. Also, since the necklace is layered when you wear it, it doesn’t matter if some parts are skinnier than others. It’s hardly noticeable, but if it is, it just looks like you added some texture.

The difficult part for me was the looping. I didn’t expect to have as much fabric as I did. It also took my brain a little while to get the whole  “oh cross the fabric and THEN loop it” part down.

The tutorial shows two different styles. One done with a seamless tee (which gives you one constant strip of fabric) and another with seams (you would need to tie the strips together). I did the seamless one, but I do like the way the strips one works too.

SUCH a great craft night project!!!