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Learning to Crochet! December 30, 2010

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Recently, I spent two Sunday afternoons at Stitch House in Dorchester, Massachusetts learning how to crochet. Stitch House is an awesome local yarn store (LYS) that carries all of the most popular yarns as well as my new yarn obsession: Stimulus Package yarn (unfortunately, it’s $70). They offer classes in knitting, crocheting, and sewing.

Everyone says that crocheting is easier than knitting. Their justification is that knitters use 2-5 needles and crocheters use one hook. At first I I found it challenging. You need to hold the yarn different, make different hand movements, and adjust your tensions. I felt probably like Tori Amos did after she picked up a guitar for the first time. Only I didn’t smash it against a wall and go back to the piano, I stuck it out.

It did get easier. One of the positives is that if you make a mistake, it’s easy to rip out and fix without destroying your work. If you make a mistake early, you have a to rip out the whole thing instead of doing repairs like in knitting.

I liked that I only need one crochet hook for the entire project. If you’re knitting a hat, you need double pointed needles (dpns) and a circular needle for the project.

You can also use the same hook on multiple projects. When your crochet project is dormant, you can take the hook off the loop because you don’t need to hold the stitches on something, you just need to be mindful of that one stitch. With knitting, all the stitches are live and need to be kept on a needle.

Unfortunately, I’ve ripped out both of my crochet projects and used the yarn for something else (that you’ll see very soon) After I watch some more youtube videos on how to crochet various stitches, I’ll attempt an easy crochet project. I’ll keep you in the loop*



*get it?