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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Buzz May 21, 2010

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Two days ago I had an idea for this necklace. I can’t say where the inspiration came from, but I knew I was trying to come up with something a little different.

I’ve always done things rather quickly. I don’t like projects that drag on and if I want a newvnecklace, I want it now. I didn’t even use tools for this. I just bended the two jump rings to hold everything together and shut them. It honestly took about 45 seconds. Picking out the bee was the longest part of the creative process.

I had a bunch of the giant circles from taking apart a chain. I just needed to find a charm large enough to pass through the circle, but heavy enough to anchor the necklace. Unfortunately the amount of chain that I had at home was just barely enough for my wrestler size neck. I’ll have to get some more chain so that this necklace isn’t constantly busting, but I like the way it came out.

Materials on Hand: Everything but the bee

Bee: $2.99 with some other charms.

Total: $2.99


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