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It’s a produce bag…you know? April 7, 2010

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I love it when people take an interest in what it is that I am knitting. With this most recent project I feel like a bit of a tool explaining it to people even though all their replies are “That’s cool!”

“It’s a produce bag…you know? For putting apples or onions in…and then you weigh it…” then I’ll continue murmuring something about how the one I made is too small and I ran out of that color yarn for the i-chord. It’s really not interesting, but I get excited about it. And I find that people are mostly happy for me and even get a little excited in return.

So, why am I making a gargantuan amount of these bags? Simple. I have tons of yarn and people in the craft swap I am doing requested them. Also, they’re easy and cheap to make and send. How I love the “Ongoing Wish Swaps.” I get to ask for all this stuff I want and don’t know how to make and I get to knit you produce bags. Gone are the days where I struggle to put together a scrapbook cookbook or a sugar scrub…for now anyway.

I want to get better with my knitting. Once I am done with the Lace Ribbon Scarf (which is currently on hiatus due to produce bags!) I will completely free to choose my next project.

Out of the 5-6 produce bags I want to make only one is complete. And small. The free pattern that I got off of ravelry is all sorts of wrong. Wrong needle sizes for that yarn. And get this, it says to use two different sizes of circular and double pointed needles, I mean COME ON, right? Well, I’m changing the pattern just a teensy bit to see what happens. I’m sure the results will be incredible. Breathtaking.

It’s a produce bag, you know.


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