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Eat March 15, 2010

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I love making little art. You all know my fear of painting and drawing – it’s very real. I’m terrible at it.

Since I am always on the lookout for tiny and cheap canvases and pretty textiles to mash up together, I purchased a few tiny painted block size canvases for $1 in the Target dollar aisle. These blocks were adorned with baby colors and a single letter, most likely representing the first letter of the childs name. (I don’t have kids – is that how that works?) And since I don’t have kids, I had something to paint over.

For my recent Cookbook/Kitchen swap I decided to do a little painting inspired from Courtney Cox kitchen on “Cougartown” (which is thankfully getting a new name) and paint each letter of the word “Eat” on a different tiny canvas.

I had bought three. I know I bought three. I buy three of everything that is super cheap like that. However, while unpacking, I’ve only been able to locate two. So, I went with one canvas and this was born…

Freehanded, might I add! You can tell? Yeah, the “a” is a little humpy.

Anyway, she had stated that her kitchen was silver and purple (which sounds like an AWESOME space kitchen) hence the colors used. I really like it. It’s simple and cute. And kitchen-y. I hope she likes it.


Paints: Purple and Gray (shhh) – .58 cents each.

Canvas: Owned!

Paint brushes: Owned!

Total: $1.16

And now I have the paints to use for something else. Maybe…something else this week….


One Response to “Eat”

  1. Cuz Says:

    could you update more often. i mean cmon 10 days? jeesh!

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