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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

More bling! March 1, 2010

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You guys, can you handle how much I am posting?

At the end of yesterdays post I wrote how I was inspired to make a “catch all” necklace inspired by my friend Gillian’s Forever 21 necklace. Well, I did. I picked out the odds and ends, added a few jump rings, cut a really long chain, and voila. Instant classy.

You’d think I could be happier about it, right?

From left to right we have…

Circle flower pendant

pearl, with a silver bead (from those earrings yesterday – I had one left over)

a little silver bird (who is flying the wrong way)

a black bead with white stripes

a key I found on my bedroom floor

a huge circle from a chair that I cut off

a flat sparkly little charm

Eat your heart out, Forever 21.


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