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Knitting On Stage January 29, 2010

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Out of all the celebrities I follow on twitter*, Sia Furler is by far the most adorable. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, go here to watch the video for her song “Breathe Me.”

Twitter has become my favorite of the social networking sites because it’s simple. I can scan it quickly and be up to date on peoples lives.  Sia’s tweeted about finding narcotics to send to Haiti, her dog Mr. Boop, and she adds cutesy terminology like “can’t sleep can’t sleep can’t sleep. squirrels wont shhhh and legs are all twitchy town”

Since you can’t believe anything you read on the internet, even if it comes from the horses mouth, was I supposed to believe her when she tweeted “anyone who is really serious about helping out with knitting for a special project for my tour please email SERIOUS KNIT to [email removed]?”

Yup. And I did. And I’ve been approved. Just waiting on more details. And I can’t to hear what those details are. She had originally tweeted that she wanted people to knit on stage like backup dancers. How cool! I’m up for that. It’ll give me time to work on that Lace Ribbon Scarf.

*I mostly follow wrestlers.


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