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Knitty January 13, 2010

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Until ravelry came on the scene about two years ago, the best online resource was Knitty. I’ve put together a list of my favorite most practical and kitschy Knitty patterns for your enjoyment. (I put some pictures in to snazz it up a bit, but you can see photos by clicking the link)

1. Incognito – Knitty, Winter, 2009.

It’s a cowl with a MUSTACHE. Do I really need to say more?

2. Calorimetry – Knitty, Winter, 2006

I’ve made half a dozen of these over the last four years. They’re ideal for people like me who hate washing their hair everyday in the winter. Better than a hat, so much more than a ski band. It’s very easy to make. The first time I made one was my first experience with learning how to purl. Highly recommend this for a first time project.

3. Interlocking Leaves – Knitty, Fall 2008

If knitting socks wasn’t the absolute worst thing in the entire world, I’d have 50 pairs of these beauties.

4. Quant Headband – Knitty, Winter 2007

I took a workshop at the Granite State Knit In a few years back to learn the entrelac method. I don’t remember a dang thing, but it sure looks awesome.

5.  Couvercle – Knitty, Summer 2008

The small brim on this is adorable and it looks really warm. It’s in my ravelry queue so I’ll hopefully be making this one soon.


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