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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Power Through December 21, 2009

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This project has become less about getting rid of all my crafting supplies and more about finishing that Lace Ribbon Scarf. I continue to attack that thing…once a week. I know. It should be at least twice a week.

I’ve already picked out my next few projects. They’re all yarn related. That’s because what I have most of is yarn. Exciting stuff.

So, next TWO projects are for my next swap partner:

A Dog Facecloth

Mary Jane Slippers (which I will most likely at some point make for myself)

The next swap I am starting is a Bath and Beauty swap due in February. This will be a little something extra to throw in the package. She has two dogs and I don’t know a whole lot else about her.

Below you will find pics of stenciling in progress. It’s the best I have for now. I made this shirt for a craft swap and I heard that the recipients daughter really like it. So, here it is:

Ta-da! I cut that stencil out all by myself with an exacto knife. Still in love with freezer paper.

I also completed that cowl I was working on, but in my rush to make it to the post office, I forgot to take a picture. Hopefully the recipient will do that and I can share it with you all.


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