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Tuesday Night Craft Experiment

Since we last spoke… December 10, 2009

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I have been crafting. I swear. Here are three things I have going on:

1. T-Shirt Stenciling: I stenciled a fawn on to a t-shirt yesterday. Came out great. I hope to move on to more complicated stencils soon.

2.  I am going to start working on this hood/cowl for a craft swap

It’s super easy and a great first project if you’re learning how to knit in the round. I love cowls oh so much.

3. My dear old friend the Lace Ribbon Scarf has grown a few inches in the last week. It’s a weird pattern and a little complicated, but once I get started on it on the regular it becomes much easier to pick up randomly and do a few rows. I wound yarn for it the other night and realized that I absolutely can’t wait until I am done with it.

This years Bazaar Bizarre was disappointing. Everything seemed over priced and/or easy to make. I did pick up some awesome things though. Let’s review my purchases…

1. Three pairs of stud earrings that were made using polymer clay.

2. 4oz of orange/yellow/brown roving to spin into my own yarn

3. A tape measure with a crochet ladybug cover.

I can’t wait to learn how to spin my own yarn. It’s scary! 

Tonight, Erin, Angelina, myself and others will be going to Bead and Purl in Newton to do a wireworking class. Full report tomorrow!*



2 Responses to “Since we last spoke…”

  1. jean Says:

    I love the look of your cowl could you please
    tell me where you got the pattern I have 16 g/kids
    and would like to make some for them
    thank you jean

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