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I’m Soap Inspired November 4, 2009

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My apologies for no new project last week. I got sidelined with a nasty cold that is still having issues checking out of my system. The rest of the week was just too busy to actually do a project.

Last night I ran around picking up little things that I needed for projects that I have. I had ambitions of completing three projects last night, but the arrival of Season Six, Disk One of The L Word kept me from my work. Oh, and I forgot to buy an exacto knife. Yeah, that was the big part of it.

I did make more soap. Soap that I am very excited about. I picked up some white shea butter soap, poppy seeds, and lemon(grass) essential oil and voila! I made this soap recipe that I went looking for when Rebecca mentioned that any Lemon Poppy Seed product would be awesome due to the exfoliating the poppy seeds would do.

We’ll see how well it really works. I tried to add a layer of poppy seeds to the bottom of the soap for extra exfoliating power, but that didn’t work too well. I’m hoping that the cold process soap making class I am taking Saturday gives me some tips!

I also added some yellow coloring to my batch. I think it’s pretty.

(And since I forgot that exacto knife, there will be a bonus post later this week)


5 Responses to “I’m Soap Inspired”

  1. cassie Says:

    I bet that smells heavenly! Do you have any ambitions of selling your soap?

  2. Reb Says:

    D, sorry to say that I think the lemon oil was key. My skin felt great, but I felt like I was washing myself in my Thai leftovers. Maybe a combo would tone down the take-out vibe.


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