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First Epic Fail October 15, 2009

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Remember about less than 12 hours ago I said “Hey world, I have all this yarn for dishcloths, whatcha want?” Well, what I should’ve said was “Hey world, apparently I have a ball of lilac laying around” And as such we have reached our first snafu of the project.

Therefore, the rules have changed…slightly. I will be purchasing colors for the dishcloths of the three that have requested dishcloths: Maitland, Michelle, and Josh. It’s not really a biggie since this yarn costs about $1.25 per ball, but it defeats the purpose of the project. Nevertheless a promise is a promise. And I should warn that these dishcloths come out more like facecloths so don’t be disappointed by the tiny squares! I hope you’ll love them.

This shows me just how much I need to be prepared to take on such a project. I can almost guarantee you I will find this yarn floating around somewhere later on.

Look for a post tomorrow about more freebies. Legitimately. I swear.




4 Responses to “First Epic Fail”

  1. Maitland Says:

    I don’t actually *need* dishcloths. But if you feel compelled, blacks and browns are probably good for me. 🙂

  2. Michelle Says:

    Oh D, I don’t want you to buy more yarn for my dish towel! Just promise to make me something cute along your way 🙂

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